Welcome to Leonis Summer Houses, a complex of 4 houses, 3 studios, 2 suites and 1 villa, built according to the traditional Mykonian architecture, within a 5000 m² field. It is constructed on uneven levels, so that every single lodging offers a breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea, as well as maximum privacy and comfort for its guests. If anyone has ever wondered whether it is possible to enjoy a truly relaxing experience on this vibrant and gorgeous island, then you just found the answer. Leonis Summer Houses is a proud member of the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, having maintained a consistent 5/5 review score since its first season, back in 2012.

Once upon a time in Mykonos...

Joanna and Orfeas always shared a passion for traveling and they loved the sea. They learned how to sail and they loved to cruise around the Greek islands. The island that had a special place in their heart was Mykonos, which they discovered long before people started yelling “Mykonooooos” on quad bikes. It was more like grandmas selling flowers on donkeys back then. When they found a piece of land with the perfect view, they decided to create a place where guests would feel as if they were vacationing in their own summer house.
In 1991, Leonis Village opened its doors and word of mouth was soon off the charts.

Whatever knowledge of “5-star services” Joanna and Orfeas lacked, they made up for in friendliness and personal care. Once the 2011 season ended, the creators of Leonis decided that it was time to pass the torch to the one after whom they named the place, their son Leonidas. After a major career turn in order to continue their legacy, Leonidas decided to breathe new life into Leonis, while maintaining his parents’ principles regarding the respect to tradition and to the environment, as well as the personal care involved. In 2012, Leonis Summer Houses was born and now you are part of the story…