If there is one color that you will really get used to while in Mykonos, it is the color white, the color of most Mykonian houses, ferries, sailboats and more.


Another thing you will have to get used to during your stay at Leonis Summer Houses is getting pampered. The Leonis team is more than happy to help you with any aspect of your holiday experience, from transfer services to laundry service and much more.


We are here to assist you with any activity you might be interested in doing during your holidays. A rental car or a quad bike so that you may start exploring the island? A guided tour to Delos? A cruise around Mykonos and to remote beaches with turquoise waters? Horse-riding? Diving into the depths of a crystal clear sea? Learning how to make a “spanakopita” (spinach pie)? For all that and more, we are here for you. 


If you are interested in any activity that rhymes with the word “leisure”, then we could not be more supportive of that. Restaurant reservations, massage sessions with our awarded team of masseurs who will provide you with the most relaxing massage experience at the comfort of your lodging, as well as any beauty treatment you can think of. 


The Reception is equipped with a well-informed library, where our guests may select reading material from a variety of books and magazines, as well as board games.